Aldergrove Fair Days- 2013 Canadian Championship

Robin Reichman
Come join me Nicole Franks at Aldergrove Fair Days where I will be shooting in Canadian Fastdraw Championship, hosted by the Thunderbird Fastdraw Club. Although don’t expect much from me as honestly I haven’t practiced for this competition, let’s hope my muscle memory kicks in….haha having fun in the main thing.

This competition is Index Style Contest and will run for 2 days July 20 (Saturday) and July 20 (Sunday), in Aldergrove British Columbia Canada. The shoot will be on from 10am until 4pm, with shooter from all across Canada and the USA. At High Noon there will be a Celebrity Shootout featuring Robin Reichman from The Real Housewives of Vancouver… How cool is that??? See the gunslinging in action before the blast of the smoke blows bye……

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