Fastdraw (Gunslinging) on GETSTUFFED TV Tonight OCT 2nd on OLN

Tonight’s GET STUFFED episode of FASTDRAW in Aldergrove, BC, Canada will be on the OLN (Outdoor Living Network) channel here in BC is channel 49, will be aired twice at 6pm and at 9pm.

Dennis Robinson and myself helped train two hosts Kalyn and Josh to compete in the Canadian Fastdraw competition that was held in Aldergrove on July 21 & 22, 2012. Get Stuffed has 4 hosts which take part in some bizarre international competitions, and I guess Fastdraw is one of those competitions. 2 hosts compete in challenges and also have to visit 3 restaurants that concoct some of the strangest, craziest, biggest meals and the loser of the challenges must eat a meal from 1 of the restaurants chosen by whom???? The WINNER!

So find out TONIGHT October 2nd 2012 on OLN (Outdoor Living Network) channel 49 BC at 6pm or 9pm, to see who’s the Fastest Gunslinger in the West!!!!!

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